December 2019 Deacon's Desk

We’re beginning a new church year, and 2020 is right around the corner.  Traditionally these are times to review the past and resolve to make changes in the New Year.  Might this be a good year to try something different?

Instead of resolutions, why not consider adopting a family mission statement? A mission statement proclaims “This is how we live; this is who we are

We receive our personal mission statement at Baptism: “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.” [Mark 12:30]. As members of OLG, we share a common parish mission statement – Our Lady of Grace Catholic Church; offering the world to Christ and Christ to the world. Follow Christ. Worship and Serve. Welcome with Joy. Grow Disciples.

Your workplace probably has a mission statement.  Your kids’ schools have one.  Why not have one for your family?  To raise children who are respectful and kind and act based on Catholic-Christian values, we need to create a family culture that intentionally promotes those qualities. A family mission statement creates that culture.

Start by gathering ALL the family – yes, even the youngest. Then ask:

  • What kind of family do we want to be?
  • How should we behave/treat others? [Everyone’s input is valued; it gives the kids a sense of ownership.]
  • Specifically, what must we do [adults and kids] to live up to our statement?

Author and lecturer Thomas Lickona’s family developed their family’s mission statement when his kids were 9, 7, 6, and 4. This is it:

  • We commit to being kind, honest, and fair.
  • We don't lie, cheat, steal, or hurt someone on purpose.
  • We don't whine, complain, or make excuses.
  • When we make a mistake, we admit it, make up for it, and learn from it.
  • We work to keep our minds, bodies, and souls healthy, strong, and pure.
  • We commit to growing in our faith through practice and trust in God's goodness.
  • We live with an attitude of gratitude.

Next, prominently display your statement, and more importantly, return to it regularly to see how you are doing. Gathering the family to review the statement would be a great Sunday family activity.

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